TUITION AND FEES FOR NIGERIAN STUDENTS ONLY (Other fees apply to Foreign Students)

  1. Admission and application fees: ₦25,000 (Twenty-five thousand naira non-refundable)
  2. CLU-Affiliation processing/graduation fees: $75.00 (Seventy-five dollars or the equivalent)
  3. Associate degree: ₦50,000 (Fifty- thousand naira) for the entire programme


  1. Bachelor’s degree: ₦50,000 (Fifty thousand naira) for each academic year. Payment arrangements can be made on monthly basis.
  2. Master’s degree: ₦450,000 for the entire programme. Monthly payments can be arranged
  3. Doctorate degree: ₦950,000 from enrollment to dissertation, including external supervision. Cost of Special Books not included. Monthly payments can be arranged. For all Doctoral students, a senior university professor is assigned to mentor and supervise student work.

Courses, Materials and Postage – ₦10,000 per session.

Special printed books at additional charges

Audio tapes for each core course available at ₦5,000 (optional purchase)


Note: These fees and charges are subject to change due to increases in the cost of living and running the programme, however, once in a programme, you will not be affected by any increase. Scholarship is available to undergraduate students who demonstrate a need, and are willing to work for Emmaus Theological Seminary, or other recognized Ministry in teaching, preaching, or teaching Bible studies for at least 5 years.  Request our package for this, and you will be informed if you qualify and the amount granted. Also, we will consider an applicant who demonstrates a “calling” in any capacity; whether already in church or has just been converted.

Schedule of fees for overseas students is different from the above. It will be provided at the time of application or enquiry by non-Nigerian applicant.