The Seminary is a religious Institution but not a degree granting body. However, it is an affiliate of Christian Leadership University, a religious degree granting Institution accredited by The Christian Accreditation International, and also recognized by other government body in the United States with other approvals. Emmaus Theological Seminary is incorporated in Nigeria under the Nigeria Company and Allied Matters Act. Emmaus Theological Seminary is also registered as a non for profit organization in the state of Oklahoma in the United States; designated Seminary school.

As with any religious institution, the Bible is the final authority for learning and instruction under the approval, leadership, and command of the Holy Spirit. This is the Final Approval that this school needs as a religious learning body to prepare students in different areas of their calling and spiritual leadership. Therefore, we prepare students to fulfill their “calling” and become dynamic spiritual leaders in their various communities. Our duty is to ensure that they are academically prepared for this important purpose in life.

Due to financial constraint and prohibitive foreign exchange rates, most students are not able to access or obtain CLU degrees, which may translate into thousands of dollars. Therefore, Emmaus Theological Seminary had decided be innovative and offer the same opportunity to Nigerian preachers and religious teachers which would enable them obtain the same CLU degrees here in Nigeria, at little or no cost. Travelling abroad is also not easy, hence the affordable degree programme at Emmaus is best choice and alternative.

CLU degree programmes here at Emmaus, are also intended to assist African students/preachers/teachers, who are hungry for preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ, but do not have the capital to pursue overseas studies. This programme gives them that opportunity. Students pay as low as $75.00 (seventy five dollars) only for CLU degrees, and low tuition to Emmaus Theological Seminary through out their entire degree programme without increase in tuition for those already in attendance. For more information, visit the tuition and fees section of the catalogue.

Emmaus Theological Seminary is affiliated to the prestigious Communion with God Leaders Network (CLU’s ORDINATION MINISTRY FOR CLU GRADUATES AND OTHER INSTITUTIONS, AND ACROSS THE GLOBE). The “Communion with God Leaders Network” will issue the certificates of ordination to students who have completed prescribed ordination courses at the Seminary. Such persons can become Ministers of the Gospel and go on to preach in the United States, or any part of the world where the Gospel of Christ is being preached. A formal ordination ceremony will be conducted by Emmaus Theological Seminary where certificates of ordination will be handed over to worthy candidates.