The following degree programmes are offered by Christian Leadership University through Emmaus Theological Seminary: Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in the following areas;

Biblical studies, Christian Counseling, Christian Leadership, Divinity, Divinity Healing, Intercession, Ministry, Mission and Evangelism, Prophetic Ministry, Theology, Worship Ministry and Youth ministry.

The method of instruction is a combination of online study and revision classes held last two weekends of each semester; seminars conducted by eminent religious scholars and Ministers of the Gospel, and examinations held same week- period (at the conclusion of the revision and seminar). Each Semester will have its time table.

New students must take the following foundation courses in the first one or two semesters to move on to their Core Bible Courses:

  1. Ren 103, Communion with God, 3 credits;
  2. COU 202 Counseled by God, 3 credits;
  3. COU Prayers that Heal the Heart, 4 credits;
  4. Eng 101, 3 credits,
  5. Eng 102, 3 credits;
  6. 104 Basic Computer and Internet Navigation , 3 credits,

and any additional courses as may be required from time to time.

All degrees or programmes are regarded as full time in the sense that each students takes an average of five to six courses a semester to finish on target. The followings are the requirements for the award of each degree:


Two Years of prescribed Studies. A student must receive a passing grade of “B” to qualify for admission (This certificate course is also the Seminary 2 years’ Ordination Certificate Programme)

This is a 60 credit-unit programme (two years). In addition to the foundation courses, the following additional 13 courses are required for this programme:

  1. Take Charge of Your Health
  2. Gifted to Succeed
  3. The Life of Christ
  4. Acts and Pauline Epistles
  5. General Epistles and Revelation
  6. The Bible Speaks to Contemporary Issues
  7. Cornerstones of Communication
  8. Naturally Supernatural
  9. Increasing the Anointing
  10. Fulfill Your Financial Destiny
  11. Apprenticed to Leadership

Additional requirements can be met by electives.

At least 120 credit hours are required for this degree, regardless of area of concentration: Bible Core Courses, including the following; BIB 104 Poetry Books; THE 120 Foundational Experiences; THE 121 The Law and the Spirit; THE 310 The Bible Speaks Contemporary Issues, and BIB 390 Bible Research Methods.


  1. THE 101 The Basics of Christianity
  2. REN 103 Communion with God
  3. REN 204 Naturally Supernatural
  4. COU 202 Counseled by God
  5. COU 301 Prayers That Heal the Heart
  6. REN 206 Increasing the Anointing
  7. WOR 101 Believer’s Worship I
  8. REN 310 WISDOM Through Dream Interpretation

LIFE SKILLs (4 Courses):

  1. BUS 102 Fulfill Your Financial Destiny
  2. HEA 102 Take Charge of Your Health
  3. COU 203 Cornerstones of Communication
  4. COU 305 Parenting for Success


  1. LEA 103 Gifted to Succeed
  2. LEA 205 Creating Your Mission Statement
  3. LEA 303 Developing the Leader Within
  4. LEA 310 Apprenticed to Leadership
  5. LEA 321 Visionary Leadership
  6. LEA 201 Creative Problem Solving.

NOTE: A maximum of 90 credit hours may be earned from transferred credits and Life experience toward this degree; whereby 30 credit units can come from Life experience.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirement: 31 credit units Core Courses, Other required Courses, and Electives. Total Credits = 120 credits or more.

This degree programme requires at least 40 credit units of specialized study to qualify for the award of a Master’s degree. Holders of Bachelor’s degree in other areas of study can also be admitted to this programme, but must complete all the Bible core courses and foundation courses to qualify for award of a Master’s degree (Because of strict requirements, the total hours from foundation courses and Biblical Core courses may exceed 40 credit hours to qualify for the degree at no additional cost). Other requirements are: Master’s thesis or Project to complete the degree. An academic advisor will work with a student in identifying appropriate topic for the desired area of specialization and be his mentor

A maximum of 20 credit hours may be transferred from an accredited college into this programme out of which 10 credit hours may come from Practical teaching: a 12-week Bible course or lesson to a group of believers in church, or seminar paper presented.

Nomenclature is “Doctor of…, and not Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) For example; Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS), or Doctor of Theology (D.Th.)

The Doctorate degree is open to those who already hold a Master’s degree in any field of study, and who have received a calling to preach, teach in a specialized area, or wanting to occupy positions of Christian leadership in any institution or organization. This course is highly recommended for senior Pastors, Church Leaders, and those who want to specialize in Christian Counseling. 60 credit units are required beyond the Master’s degree level. Foundation courses and Bible core courses must be completed before dissertation or optional Ministry project. An original work of contribution to the body of religious knowledge, or creation of a unique Project is fundamental and germane to the doctoral work. In addition, Practicum can also be allowed up to 10 credit hours in meeting the credit requirements for this course.

Doctoral students will be mentored by academic Professors from other Institutions; from research design stage through dissertation to completion of work, while the Seminary will oversee the religious content of their work. Those for Projects will be handled by the faculty at Emmaus Theological Seminary.

Note: Semesters hours run from 12 weeks to 16 weeks. For more information, speak directly to the President of Emmaus Theological Seminary or email him for all Graduate or Post-Graduate programmes.

  1. Theo 600 Theology Deliberative Analysis, 3 Credits.
  2. CRM 602 Criminology and Religion, 4 credits.
  3. Religion and Administration Leadership, 3 credits.
  4. ERON 511 Economic Analysis and Religion, 3 Credits.
  5. OFFEN 605 Offender Counseling in Religion, 3 Credits.
  6. COU 501 Prayers That Heal the Heart, 4 Credits.
  7. REN 503 Communion with God, 4 Credits.
  8. BIB 575 Gospel of John, 3 Credits.
  9. BIB 503 History II – Divided Kingdom, 3 Credits.
  10. BIB 522 Isaiah, 3 Credits.
  11. BIB 506 Life of Christ, 3 Credits.
  12. BIB Romans, 3 Credits.
  13. COU 502 Counseled by God, 3 Credits.
  14. BIB 531 Pentateuch, 2 Credits.
  15. BIB 532 History I- United Kingdom, 2 Credits.
  16. BIB 535 Major Prophets, 2, Credits.
  17. BIB 537 Acts and the Epistles, 2 Credits.
  18. BIB 508 Epistles and Revelation, 3 Credits.
  19. REN Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation, 4 Credits.
  20. Research 700 Research Methodology and Dissertation/Project, 6 Credits.
  1. Religion and Counseling
  2. Religion and Ministry Leadership
  3. Religion and Criminology
  4. Healing Ministry and Counseling. 5. Evangelistic Ministry
  5. Theology and New Age Philosophies

The Following Are Christian Leadership University courses

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Those seeking to enrich their knowledge through single learning courses without a certificate can do so. However, any subject learned could translate into credit when enrolled in full programme

  1. Foundation Courses
  2. Core Bible Courses:
    1. Ren. 103 Communion with God
    2. Prayer that heals the heart
    3. Gospel of John
    4. History II- Divided Kingdom
    5. Isaiah
    6. Life of Christ
    7. Romans
    8. Counseled by God
    9. Pentateuch
    10. History I- United Kingdom
    11. Major prophets
    12. Acts and the Epistles
    13. Epistles & Revelation
    14. History of Religion
    15. Leadership – Servanthood in the Church
    16. Biblical Research Methods.

TUITION AND FEES FOR NIGERIAN STUDENTS ONLY (Other fees apply to Foreign Students)

  1. Admission and application fees: #25,000 (Twenty-five thousand naira non-refundable)
  2. CLU-Affiliation processing/graduation fees: $75.00 (Seventy-five dollars or the equivalent)
  3. Associate degree: #50,000 (Fifty- thousand naira) for the entire programme
  4. Bachelor’s degree: #50,000 (Fifty thousand naira) for each academic year. Payment arrangements can be made on monthly basis.
  5. Master’s degree: #450,000 for the entire programme. Monthly payments can be arranged
  6. Doctorate degree: #950,000 from enrollment to dissertation, including external supervisor. Cost of Special Books not included. Monthly payments can be arranged. For all Doctoral students, a senior university professor is assigned to mentor and supervise student work.
  7. Courses, Materials and Postage- #10,000 per session.
  8. Special printed books at additional charges
  9. Audio tapes for each core course available at #5,000 (optional purchase)

Note: These fees and charges are subject to change due to increases in the cost of living and running the programme, however, once in a programme, you will not be affected by any increase. Scholarship is available to undergraduate students who demonstrate a need, and are willing to work for Emmaus Theological Seminary, or other recognized Ministry in teaching, preaching, or teaching Bible studies for at least 5 years. Request our package for this, and you will be informed if you qualify and the amount granted. Also, we will consider an applicant who demonstrates a “calling” in any capacity; whether already in church or has just been converted.

Schedule of fees for overseas students is different from the above. It will be provided at the time of application or enquiry by non-Nigerian applicant.

Refund of tuition will be made if a student cancelled his enrolment for that course within 5 days, otherwise there will be no refund. However, other fees once paid are not refundable, or when course materials have been sent.

The grading system is based on the US academic 4 point scale grading system; where
“A” is for Excellent,
“B” for above average,
“C” for Average,
“D” for below average,
“F” for Fail,
“I” for incomplete,
“W” for Withdrawal,
“T” for Transfer.

Grades are assigned by faculty Seminary teachers based on the following methods of grading system: Academic comprehension (Academic fulfillment of the course and assignments); 50%; Experiential Assimilation (Relating acquired knowledge to actual life experiences, and demonstrating how it either relates or will relate to your own life)


  1. Excellent: 92-100%; Letter grade: A, A-
  2. Above Average: 81-91%; Letter grade: B+, B, B-
  3. Average: 70-80%; Letter grade: C+, C, C-
  4. Below Average: 50-69%; Letter grade: D+, D
  5. Failing: 0-49%; Letter grade: F
  6. Incomplete means all assignments were not turned in and the full course completed; Letter grade: I
  7. Withdraw: student dropped out of the class in the first three weeks.

NOTE: Incomplete courses can always be retaken at no extra cost.

A student can be suspended or expelled from the school for any of the following reasons or combination of both or more: a. Plagiarism (Reproducing the work, sentence, statement, or quotation of another as if it were your own without giving credit to the author, or lifting any material from the work of another and pretending to be the original writer), un-Christ like behavior, or unruly conduct, failure to follow course instructions, being rude to course instructor, involvement with the law, use of foul language, or any other behavior deemed to be inappropriate for Christian living.

EMTHS will hold graduation ceremonies every December. Every eligible candidate will be contacted at the appropriate time.

EMTHS will accept transfer credits from accredited institutions on behalf of CLU on Bible related courses, or approved courses to complete the elective requirement. There is flexibility in the application of this rule once determined that a student will benefit from foundation or remedial courses at this institution. All questions will be answered upon enquiry.

Semesters run for the following months;
January – April;
April– July;
July – September;
September – December.
(Four Semesters in a year. New students begin every semester)