EMMAUS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY is located in Lagos, Ikeja metropolis; a busy hub center in Lagos State. The school is an affiliate of REKINDLE EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY, housed in its own building. REKINDLE EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY also provides a PRACTICUM-RESOURCE CENTER for students during internship and seminars. The Seminary is also an affiliate of Christian Leadership University and Holy Ghost Prayer Ministry, United States. It is registered as a seminary in the state of Oklahoma, United States, with registration number 1412582884, and also incorporated under the Nigeria Company and Allied Matters Act.

The Seminary is not a degree granting institution, however, it is an affiliate of Christian Leadership University, a religious accredited Institution in the United States. The Seminary has a full-fledge arrangement (“Memorandum of Understanding”) with the Christian Leadership University (School of Impartation) to administer its degree programmes by mentoring, academic advising, and administering examinations. All CLU degree programmes are On Line and Campus based (Revision classes, Seminars, and Examinations are held during the last two weekends of each semester at the School -main campus). For students who wish to gain credit for Bible teaching and preaching experience, they will be seconded to Rekindle Evangelistic Ministry, or other approved church for that purpose.

CLU courses, books, and other tutorial materials will be sent to students through the Seminary, disseminated, and the study guided by Emmaus Theological Seminary faculty advisors through the entire learning process, from registration for class to completion. CLU programmes are not only distinct and unique in their method of instruction, but also utilize unique approach which allows for absorption and practical accumulation of spiritual experience through the impartation of the Holy Spirit. This approach or method is called, “LAMA EDUCATION”. “LAMA EDUCATION” system which stands for: Real Life, Biblically-grounded, Revelation-based learning” Real life: birthed from real life issues and taught from real life experience, and Biblically-grounded Learning experience. As a student, you see your life experiences in the light of the Scripture; Revelation-based: God speaks to you in each and every learning experience that would enable you hear the voice of God, with increasing knowledge, understanding, and insight into the nature of God’s diverse ways of revelation. It is an exemplary and unique method of Biblical instruction which gives unique opportunity for experiencing astounding revelation, knowledge, and the impartation of the Holy Ghost for exemplary work