How do I apply for admission and matriculation process?

Go to our, download the application form, complete and mail to the school with your credentials and transcripts. Submit a write up on your life experience, using the Life- Experience portfolio example on the Application Form. Mail your completed admission package to P.O. Box . Also remit your application fee in cross Bank draft to Emmaus Theological Seminary.

Who will award my degree?

Christian Leadership University (School of Impartation) will award your degree and official transcript. Both Emmaus Theological Seminary and Christian Leadership University will keep your permanent records.

How long does it take to complete my degree programme?

Each degree programme is self-paced, which means you can finish sooner than the traditional length of time if you put in more time and effort. The Bachelor’s degree can be completed between 3 years to 4 years depending on transfer credits and previous work.

How do I take my tests or exams?

The school is the examination center. You may also be required to take multiple Choice Questions on line in addition to your regular exams.

Once enrolled, how do I start my courses and get course materials?

Once enrolled, your course materials will be mailed to the address provided by you, (These courses and materials have been developed by the Christian Leadership University; the same material used by the university, so what you are getting is first class academics/religious instructions)

Will I be Ordained?

Yes; Emmaus Theological Seminary is affiliated to the prestigious Communion with God Leaders Network (CLU ORDINATION MINISTRY FOR CLU GRADUATES AND OTHER ENTITIES) in the United States, and will issue the certificate of ordination to students desiring to preach the Gospel, who have completed the prescribed ordination course at the Seminary. Such persons can become Ministers of the Gospel which entitles them to preach in the United States, or any other part of the world. A formal ordination ceremony will be held at Emmaus Theological Seminary and ordination certificates handed over to the ordained Ministers.

Is online or distance learning recognized?

Distance learning or online is as profitable as on campus study; even more beneficial to those who are either working or already in the Vineyard. However, the method of instruction at the Seminary is a combination of online study and campus based revision classes, seminars, and then examinations. At the beginning of each Semester, the timetable will be sent to students at the time of registration for classes.